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What is Princeton IoT Inspector?

An open-source desktop tool with a one-click install process

Automatically discovers IoT devices and analyzes their network traffic

Helps you identify security and privacy issues with graphs and tables

Requires minimal technical skills and no special hardware

Use it to quickly inspect devices (e.g., from your computer) or continuously monitor your network (e.g., from a Raspberry Pi)

Learn more: technical report | how we collect data | research findings | source code | slide deck

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About This Project

We are a group of researchers at Princeton University. We analyze different IoT devices in the Smart House and examine security/privacy problems. Here is an overview of what we do.

IoT Smart House - A real, living environment with smart home devices, located on Prospect St, Princeton, NJ.

We try to answer these questions:

Who do your devices talk to? We find what third-party services different smart devices are talking to.

What information is gathered? We learn what information these devices are gathering and if the information is shared.

Are the devices hacked? We develop anomaly detection algorithms to check if the behavior of a device is different from similar devices of other users.


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About the Researchers

We are a group of computer scientists from Princeton University and University of California, Berkeley. If you have any questions, email us at